Explorers Quotes – Christopher Columbus

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Christoper Columbus

The ocean represents the vast unknown. Crossing the ocean is an adventurous and risky undertaking. The shore, on the other hand, stands for what we know and where we are safe. At the other side of the ocean, there might be great opportunities waiting for you. In order to find out, you must first cross that ocean and take unavoidable risks. The further away from the shore, the more uncertainty you will encounter, but the rewards will also be higher if you successfully finish your journey.

It takes a lot of courage to undertake something you have not done before. The unknown attracts all of us, but only few have the courage to pursue it. Many of us are afraid and prefer security over risk. Great things that were deemed impossible have been achieved by people who had courage to lose sight of the shore. Against all odds, and often with their own lives at stake, they proofed that nothing is impossible if you gather enough courage to follow your dreams.

Flag of Italy

Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer and navigator, who lived from 1451 till 1506, is known to everyone as the person who discovered the New World, better known as the Americas, in 1492. Officially, the Vikings had already been there in the 11th century with an expedition led by Leif Erikson. However, Columbus’ discovery was the start of a lasting colonisation and that is why he receives so much more credit than the Norseman. The Spanish monarchs Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon made it possible for Columbus to make four voyages to the New World. The Italian is quite a controversial figure as he initiated the transatlantic slave trade. He has also been accused of genocide of the natives.


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