Businessmen Quotes – Jack Ma

“We are never in lack of money. We lack people with dreams, who can die for those dreams.” – Jack Ma

It is a cliche, but people are truly a company’s greatest asset. International companies constantly compete with each other for the best talent, because they know that the company’s success is driven by the people it hires. The product or service itself comes second. For enormous enterprises, there is seldom a lack of money. Their main struggle is to find the right people. People who want to be part of the company. People who have brilliant ideas to make the business better. People who are enthusiastic and passionate about their daily work.

A company is only as strong as its people and successful businesses know that all too well. They realise how they made it to the top and now that they are at the top, they want to stay there. Therefore, they try to make themselves as attractive as possible to job seekers. Sure, a good salary is the most important, but there are many more things a company can offer: a company car, a pension, a medical aid, education and training programs, but most of all a great company culture where the employee feels wanted. A job seeker will take the entire package into account and only the company that shows it cares about its people will attract the best.

Flag of China

Jack Ma, born in 1964, is the Chinese founder of the Alibaba Group. Alibaba is a group of internet-based companies. After Ma graduated, he applied for several jobs, but always got rejected, even at KFC! Luckily, he saw the opportunities the world wide web had to offer and he became the successful businessman he is today. The Chinese business magnate is quite concerned about the environment, so he earmarked a small percentage of Alibaba’s annual revenue towards the protection of the environment. The funds are mainly allocated to water and air quality improvement projects. In 2014, Forbes ranked Ma as the 30th most powerful person in the world.


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