Explorers Quotes – Neil Armstrong

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong

Even though it is almost 50 years ago, it is still an achievement that many of us cannot grasp. Such an amazing accomplishment really triggers the imagination. There was actually a man on the Moon! The well-known phrase “the sky is the limit” is no longer true as we went into space. There are only a handful of people that managed to repeat the achievement of landing on Earth’s satellite, which only makes it more impressive.

It was indeed a giant leap for mankind when Neil Armstrong and his crew landed on the Moon. Armstrong proofed that there are practically no limits to man’s inventions, courage and capabilities. Today, people like Elon Musk are pushing those limits even further by preparing to land on Mars in just a couple of years from now. Hopefully, we will soon all be in suspension in front of our laptops following a livestream of the first man or woman to set foot on the red planet. Exploring space will raise new questions about our own existence. Space is endless, but endlessness is a concept us mortals cannot understand. Who knows which planets or galaxies will follow in the near future?

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Neil Armstrong, who was born in 1930 and died in 2012, will forever be known as the first man to walk on the Moon. In 1962, he joined the NASA Astronaut Corps. It was in July 1969 that he wrote history as commander of Apollo 11 by putting his foot on the Moon’s surface. Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were the other two astronauts on this legendary mission. Armstrong was rewarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon. President Jimmy Carter gave him the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. In 1985, Armstrong went to the North Pole with an expedition that included other famous explorers such as Edmund Hillary, Steve Fossett and Patrick Morrow.


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