Scientists Quotes – Isaac Newton

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

Businessmen, scientists, politicians or even philosophers always build on other people’s knowledge, discoveries and achievements. Never act like you do not owe any credit to someone else’s hard work. Even if you find the cure to cancer, the groundwork would have been done by others. You never start from scratch as groundbreaking work always builds onto what others have discovered. It is the efforts, great and small, of other people that enable big achievements.

It is always important to acknowledge the work of others when you receive praise. Include the people that contributed to your success as without them your accomplishment would not have been possible. Even if an inventor locks himself up to work on his own, he will use information or tools he already knows. That is why our society evolves so fast. Globalism is rapidly increasing the pace of groundbreaking work.

It is not too far fetched to say that the famous explorer Christopher Columbus would not have been able to make his long voyage to the Americas without the invention of the compass. Without the invention of guns and gunpowder, his chances for a permanent settlement would also have been significantly lower.

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Isaac Newton was an English mathematician and physicist who was born in 1642. Newton is known for the “apple incident”. Legend has it that an apple fell on the scientist’s head whilst sitting under a tree. It inspired him to work out his famous theory of gravitation. His book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica laid the foundations of classical mechanics. Joseph-Louis Lagrange claimed that Newton was the greatest genius who ever lived. Until today, Newton’s work is still relevant. There is a monument dedicated to him at the Westminster Abbey.


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