Philosophers Quotes – Socrates

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” – Socrates

All too often, we are pretentious and pretend we know it all. We think we have an answer to everything. Unfortunately, less is true. If you want to be honest, you have to admit that in this ever-changing world, we hardly know anything at all. The sooner you realise that, the better. If you approach things with the knowledge that you know little or nothing at all, you will have less prejudices and you will be open to learn more and understand better. It is the arrogance of thinking that we know it all that limits us from increasing our knowledge.

Life is a learning experience. You should try to learn throughout. Never think your mind is saturated. There is always plenty more to learn. Be curious about everything around you. If we would only deal with things we know, or think to know, we would not make progress as humankind. It is man’s constant hunger for knowledge that has lead us to today’s successes in technology, politics, science, etc.

Flag of Greece

Socrates, who lived during the 5th century BC, is the most well-known Greek philosopher of all times. Most of what we know about him comes from the writings of his famous student, Plato. Socrates’ key philosophical method was elenchus. Via a series of questions, elenchus gives the opponent in a dialogue a fundamental insight into the issue at hand. The philosopher believed that learning appears as a process of remembering. The questions were there to trigger this process. Socrates was sentenced to death because he supposedly corrupted the minds of the Athenian youth. He had to drink from a cup filled with poison. Apparently, Socrates had the chance to avoid this, but he chose to die for what he believed in.


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