Writers Quotes – Hans Christian Andersen

“Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.” –  Hans Christian Andersen

Each day on this planet is a true gift from above. There are so many mesmerizing places and beautiful people on Earth. Life in all its facets is something we should learn to cherish. Nature provides us with majestic trees, wild rivers, giant mountains and thousands of different animals. In a way, all of this is similar to a beautiful melody. A melody is a supporting structure on which you can build further. The lyrics is how you decide to use the melody and that is where man comes in play. We were offered nature to live from. We have everything around us to build an amazing place for ourselves, but we are the only ones to blame for messing it up. The lyrics we chose should be censored.

It goes much further than just taking care of mother nature. It is also about how we treat each other. There are over seven billion people on this tiny planet, so it is normal that there will be tension and conflict from time to time. However, we should make an effort to be kind and help people in need. That behaviour and attitude is a beautiful lyric worthy of a mesmerizing melody.

Flag of Denmark

Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish writer who lived from 1805 till 1875. This author is known for his amazing fairy tales. His stories have been translated into 125 languages and they often carry a life lesson. Some of his famous fairy tales are The Little Mermaid, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling and The Snow Queen. During his lifetime, Andersen visited that other famous contemporary writer, Charles Dickens, twice. Both authors were similar in their depictions of the poor and the underclass. Andersen’s birthday, 2 April, is celebrated as International Children’s Book Day.


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