Politicians Quotes – Genghis Khan

“Even when a friend does something you do not like, he continues to be your friend.” – Genghis Khan

Throughout your life, when you look for friends, you tend to search for people with the same interests, beliefs, values, etc. Normally, you will not likely befriend someone who is completely the opposite of you. Most of your friends will be very similar to you in a lot of aspects. However, they will never be an exact copy of you. Finding someone who thinks and behaves exactly like you is not possible. The reality is that your friends will disappoint you from time to time because they do not act the way you expect them to do. Sometimes it will be a minor thing and other times it might be quite serious.

When a friend disappoints you, remember that from time to time, you also do things your friends do not like. Friends accept each other the way they are. The whole definition of friendship should be that you know you will receive support from your friends through thick and thin. If we would drop our friends every time they do something we do not like, then what would be the purpose of friendship?

Flag of Mongolia

Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol Empire. He lived during the Middle Ages from 1162 till 1227. The conqueror Genghis Khan is known as a controversial man. While the soldiers in his army were ruthless and brutal, he also brought the famous Silk Road under one control. Trade and cultural interactions between the West, Middle East and Asia flourished under his rule. Genghis Khan was relatively tolerant towards other cultures and religions. He was a very curious man who wanted to learn from others. It is unknown how he died, but most historians think it is because of a wound during battle. The Netflix series Marco Polo is situated in the Mongol Empire under Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson.


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