Actors Quotes – Natalie Portman

“There are movies where we are interested in seeing people’s lives without agreeing with what they’re doing.” – Natalie Portman

In movies, there are always good and bad characters. Most of the time, you support the good people in the movie, but once in awhile, you kind of Continue reading “Actors Quotes – Natalie Portman”


Actors Quotes – Keira Knightley

“My upbringing is why I am the person I am today. I have very wise parents.” – Keira Knightley


You can probably not count anymore how often you cursed your parents for being who they are. Maybe your dad was not reasonable when you asked him to Continue reading “Actors Quotes – Keira Knightley”

Actors Quotes – Leonardo DiCaprio

“If you can do what you do best and be happy, you’re further along in life than most people.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

When young people come to a certain age where they have to choose which direction to go in life, they are being influenced by many different people. When you had to choose an education and a university, your parents probably advised on Continue reading “Actors Quotes – Leonardo DiCaprio”

Actors Quotes – Djimon Hounsou

“Until you are somewhat comfortable and confident and embrace who you are, as a person, you can’t possibly love somebody else because you don’t like yourself that much.” – Djimon Hounsou

Many people struggle with loving themselves for who they are. We tend to be jealous of others for who they are and what they have. We want to be Continue reading “Actors Quotes – Djimon Hounsou”